Security Illusion

Is it possible to protect sensitive
information on endpoints without first
knowing where the sensitive information

The Question

Millions++ are spent annually
on security, but breaches continue
to rise... WHY?

WHAT IS the CloudVault® Solution?

Patented cloud storage and file sharing system that continuously
guards against loss or misuse of corporate information.

WHAT SETS the CloudVault® Solution APART ?

Our product automatically discovers, classifies and secures information from end points
and forensically tracks and restricts all data movement.

Automated Ransomware Remediation

CloudVault also automatically transfers a copy of your most important documents
to its secure, fully-encrypted off-site servers. In the event that your business is attacked,
your documents can be restored back to their original location.

Healthcare Technology – More Data, More Exposure

The driving trends of healthcare – electronic health records, value-based care, wearable technology and patient engagement – are initiatives that improve care and reduce cost but potentially expose more sensitive patient health information (PHI) to a wider audience than ever before.


For CIOs who are accountable for protecting corporate information, CloudVault® is a patented cloud storage and file sharing system that continuously guards against loss or misuse of corporate information.

DISCOVER the CloudVault® Solution

Unlike other products, our product automatically discovers, classifies and secures information from end points and forensically tracks and restricts all data movement from the end point to and from both private and public clouds.






CloudVault™ currently holds numerous technology patents and we continually work to develop new processes.

4 Pending Patents
13 Years in Business
0 Unhappy Clients


We offer a range of solutions that meet our customer's security, compliance and access requirements. Ideal for any organization that has a need to protect corporate information.


We do a lot of amazing things at CloudVault™, but behind every outstanding deliverable is a solid process that keeps us true to our overall goal. CloudVault, Inc. is a Georgia based corporation founded in 2004. The following executives are responsible for the day to day management of the company.

Rusty Gordon


Steve Bacastow

Co-Founder, Board

Matthew Stevens

Strategic Advisor

Michael Heuss

VP of Engineering

Grant Moss

Strategic Advisor

Personal Details

Rusty Gordon Chairman

Rusty Gordon, a high tech entrepreneur has led numerous successful business turnarounds, startups and acquisitions over the last 25 years, including Knowlagent, iFleet, ADS Nettools, Peachtree Software and Choice Retail Systems. Rusty has also applied his business building skills to many local technology associations and non profits as a senior officer or board member. These include the Technology Executive Roundtable, Teacher Laptop Association, High Tech Ministries, and Southeastern Software Association among others.

Rusty received his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Auburn University in 1975 and was recognized by Auburn as the IE outstanding alumnus in 2002. He and his wife, Ann, of 30 years have three children. He is the lay leader at Roswell United Methodist Church and for the last 16 years has focused his service on senior high and young adults in the metro Atlanta area. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, tennis, baseball and anything Auburn.

Personal Details

Steve Bacastow Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor

Steve Bacastow is a 30-year veteran of the high-tech industry and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer with overall responsibility for product, patents, and operations. His reputation as a practical innovator is well-known across the Atlanta area technology community. Steve previously served as the Chief IP and Compliance Officer for Mozido, a leading provider of customer financial payment and related apps.

Personal Details

Matthew Stevens Strategic Advisor

Matthew Stevens is an experienced technology executive with 23 years of demonstrated results in building and growing technology companies that scale profitably. Prior to joining CloudVault as an advisor Matt has held leadership positions in numerous technology driven companies including InfraPoint and CBeyond.

Personal Details

Michael Heuss VP of Engineering

Michael is a co-founder and VP of Engineering for CloudVault, Inc. He brings more than 20 years of programming, consulting and development experience to CloudVault, Inc. Mr. Heuss serves as senior architect and programmer for Cyber Studios, Inc. and has a proven track record in design, development and implementation of applications for large corporations. Through his attention to detail, he has consistently produced quality applications that exceed customer expectations.

Personal Details

Grant Moss Strategic Advisor

Grant Moss is the Founder & President of Adapt IP Ventures, a patent brokerage and advisory firm. He manages patent sales and licensing programs for global clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations and research institutes. Primary areas of focus include all aspects of technology ranging from hardware to software, automotive technologies and medical device technologies. He graduated with and MBA from Emory University and with a BS from Georgia State University.


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